Airsculpt vs VASER a Liposuction Battle Clearly Settled

What’s interesting about this is that the words VASER and AirSculpt aren’t even related! VASER is a cutting-edge liposuction technique that uses ultrasonic energy to dislodge fat cells from surrounding soft tissue structures. This innovative technology enables complete fat removal from both the deep and superficial fat layers. 

To get high-definition liposuction contouring outcomes, aggressive but controlled fat removal is required. High-definition contouring refers to body contouring outcomes that are both inspirational and transformational, allowing males to reveal muscular highlights and women to achieve maximum waistline slimming.

Alternative liposuction procedures available today, on the other hand, only have a moderate-fat removal capability, resulting in mid-def outcomes. Traditional, tickling, water-jet, and laser liposuction are now poor liposuction options.

Other touted differences include the fact that it is conducted awake, which is true of any type of liposuction, and that it is performed without the need of a scalpel. Instead of a scalpel (a surgical knife), they use a different type of cutting tool (a trocar, a stick with a sharp end) to penetrate the skin. From the patient’s point of view, there is no distinction. Airsculpt is also said to cause less bruising and healing time than other types of liposuction. There is nothing in the Airsculpt process to back up these claims.

We hope you are not upset that AirSculpt, commonly known as air sculpt, is not included on the list! Although the term implies a unique air aid to liposuction, this is far from the case.