A Mechanical Device Assembled to Burn Fuel Oil

An oil burner is a versatile heating appliance that burns diesel fuel, #1, #4 and #6 heating oil. In the United States regular ultra low emission diesel fuel is the most common fuel used. It is also dyed red to indicate that it is fuel tax exempt. These units are usually located on the rear of the engine compartment in a light colored box.

There are many different types of fuel combinations that an oil burner can use for burning fuel. If you have an older model then there may not be a spark plug and oil pan to collect the fuel vapors and keep them in an area where they can be ignited. You will find that most modern oil burners come with a gas tank that has enough fuel to ignite one single oil burner. With the ever increasing fuel prices this should be considered if you want to save some money.

There are many benefits of a mechanical device. They are safer than starting your vehicle and do not require any type of flame or spark to start the engine. There is no temperature limitation except possibly very extreme temperatures which would be dangerous in a closed container. Most units have a safety switch that cuts off the power to the ignition source when the tank is full or when the temperature reaches the maximum limit of vaporizing burner power.

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