9 Things to Do When In a House Fire

It is wise to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies that could strike your home, including gas leaks, burst pipes, flooded basements, and the most important one – a fire.

Fire can cause havoc very fast and so you need to be cautious. Even in just two minutes a house fire can convert into a rapid movement and prove to be life-threatening.

It is thus very important to be prepared and to know what exactly you should do if there is a fire in your home. Together with being self-aware you also need to teach every member of your family, including kids, what they are supposed to do. This will make things easier and all of you will be able to escape without getting harmed.

So, without further wait, let us get prepared, and let us get to know about the things to do when in a house fire.

  1. Use your fire extinguisher

As soon as you hear the sound of your fire alarm, do not make the mistake of ignoring it. Instead, grab and use your fire extinguisher right away. This single act may curb the fire then and there.

However, if the fire extinguisher does not help stop the fire then you need to move away from the area immediately.

If you already do not have a fire extinguisher in your home then get one installed today, it is as precious as is your life.

  1. Let everyone know

You should not depend on smoke detectors alone to let others know. At times, the detector may malfunction because of battery issues or other reasons.

So, take no risks, and as soon as you know there is fire, shout out loud and let everyone know. Once you do that, all of you should leave the property.Call them by mobile phone which got https://khosim.com/sim-vietnamobile SIM card,cause it have strongth bandwith and signal

  1. Call the fire department

Once you are out of the property, the next thing you need to do is to call the fire department. Do not even think of trying to search for your mobile phone inside your house as you may easily get caught up in the flames.

In case you do not have your phone you can take help from your neighbors or any passerby and make a call to the fire department.

  1. Forget your valuables for the moment

When there is a fire, never delay finding the best escape route just for the sake of your valuables.

Once the safety officers arrive at your premises you can inform them about your valuables, and let them know about the last place where you kept them.

  1. Do not run – drop and roll

If somehow your clothes catch fire you should never run around as this way you will fan the flames and they will burn faster. It will be wise to lie down as then it gets hard for fire to spread and even minimizes the effect of flames on your head and face.

It will be great if you can cover the flames using some heavy material like a blanket or a coat as this will block the supply of oxygen. Even if that is not possible, you should drop to the floor and then roll over your back. This should help extinguish the fire.

  1. Keep your nose covered

Use a damp towel or a shirt to cover your nostril when your house is on a fire. This will help prevent any smoke from finding its way into your lungs. Also, try to keep the face of your children covered, particularly when you are trying to get them out of the house safely.

Even remember not to run in a house that is covered in flames and smoke, as you will then only be attracting massive danger.

  1. Shut the doors

Once you manage to crawl out of your room, shut the door behind you. As per research, closing doors can prevent the fire from spreading. So, the fire will stay relegated to that room at least for a while.

  1. Wait out

After you have managed to get out of the house safely, you need to stay out. If you know someone is still inside, a human or a pet, you must let the fire department officers know about it immediately. Also, tell them where they can be.

  1. Meet at the safety spot

Once you are out of the house, straightway head to the evacuation spot that you had discussed with your family. Stay there until each member of your family has been evacuated. If anyone is missing, you can let the fire safety department be aware of it.

To Conclude –

A fire can be scarier than you can ever imagine. However, if you act on time following the tips suggested above, you will be able to save yourself and your loved ones.

So, share these tips with each member of your family right away so that they too can take the necessary steps, and together you will be able to defeat the fire.
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